Monday, January 7, 2008

Conversations with a 13 year old

Last week my daughter's cell phone died. She counted up her money, picked out a new one and I ordered it for her. Here's what she said to me last night:

C: Mom, if my phone gets here today, don't open it, ok?
Me: Are you sure? I thought you'd want me to go ahead and activate it as soon as possible.
C: Well, yeah, ok. But wear gloves, 'cause I wanna be the first one to touch it.


Ellen said...

You expect a conversation with a 13 yo to make sense????? I taught enough teenagers to know that rarely happens in life.

Tricia Fields said...

LOL. I suppose she makes sense to herself. She's always giving me that exasperated, you-don't-get-it-look, that teenagers are so good at!