Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Twilight, Teenagers and Movies

This summer my copies of the Twilight trilogy by Stephenie Meyer made the rounds. Several of my daughter's friends borrowed them, passed them around, devoured them and wound up buying their own copies. I am currently reading Eclipse, book number 3. It has been on my shelf since its release, but I put off reading it, because I have a book to write, and really--once I start with Bella and Edward, I don't want to stop until I've finished. For that reason, I haven't bought Breaking Dawn yet (which would, technically, make this no longer a trilogy).

Anyway, I have promised these eager young readers that I will take them all to see the movie when it opens. The original date was in December, but the Official Movie Site list the date as 11/21/08 now. Suits me, I'm impatient by nature. But we'll be going to see the movie without my daughter.

No matter what anyone says, no matter how much her friends beg or bargain, she won't touch these books, or the movie. Because I read them first. Because I mentioned, after reading the first one, that she would probably enjoy it. I didn't insist that she read it, didn't try to force it on her, just commented in an offhand way that I thought she would like it. I should've known better. Nobody can get her within 10 feet of these stories now.

She doesn't know what she's missing. And I've learned to keep my mouth shut.

What about you? Are you addicted to Edward and Bella too? Do you even know who they are? Are there other books you can't put down or movies you can't wait to see? (I'm also waiting for the latest Harry Potter movie!)

Monday, August 11, 2008

I know I promised

that I'd keep a detailed journal while I was in San Francisco, but I didn't. What I can tell you is that I had a fabulous time, my editor appointment was wonderful and resulted in a request for a partial, I decided not to turn in the partial to the agent who met with our chapter, because after his talk it was apparent he wasn't looking for my type of work--and on the second day I was there I was awakened at 4 a.m. by a phone call. Momma had fallen and was taken by ambulance to the ER, where she was later transferred to another hospital and admitted to ICU. She remained in ICU for most of the conference, so I was torn between enjoyment of my time away and a pressing need to be home.

Of course, my family didn't want me cutting conference short to rush home, as Momma wasn't in a life or death situation, and when Mom was finally responsive again, she didn't either. Still, I couldn't help but be worried, and looked forward to my daily updates on her condition. She is much better now, but still in the hospital. A lot of her problem at the moment stem from infection she most likely picked up after the ruptured ulceration which led to her last stint in the hospital. But she is getting stronger every day and is looking better than she has in a long time.

This has been such a long year for her. For a woman who has never had to deal with being sick to go through so much in such a short period, well, I'll just say that she's a trooper.

Now, I should take advantage of the kids being gone and get to work. I've got a submission to get ready!! I'll be back soon with pictures!