Friday, December 7, 2007

an explanation for my procrastination

OK. So I don't usually need any reason to procrastinate. I'm a natural at it. But this week has been particularly difficult. I've found it very hard to settle down to any real work. We found out on Monday that my mother has breast cancer. She will have a mastectomy on Tuesday. For a few days, it took the wind out of my sails. We were trying to reconcile the big C with Momma's name attached and scrambling to figure out how to make Christmas the tradition it has always been with my family, yet still keep Momma comfortable and out of the kitchen. (No, that's not selfish talk. Momma doesn't want any changes in how we do Christmas.) It will take some doing, we'll probably have to tie her to the couch, but between my brothers, my aunt, my SIL and myself, we'll have a traditional Christmas. No problem, just a shifting of some of the responsibilities.

The good news is, that now that we've all digested the information, we're dealing with it. Momma is in good spirits and actually looking forward to having the surgery behind her. She is not expected to have to undergo any chemo or radiation treatments. We've been very lucky that they caught this early. It will be a blessed Christmas this year. I think we'll all appreciate it more!

And this is my reminded to all my girlfriends to keep your checkups current. You just never know what they'll find. (I think I'll go call my doc and schedule my own appointment.)

Take care!

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