Monday, October 15, 2007

New blog-first post

So today I start a new blog. It's Monday, in case you didn't know. And I don't have anything wise to say. ::g:: But I do have a lot to do. My todo list is very, very long.

We are going camping over fall break and are trying to get the camper ready to go. If we'd used it much this summer, it wouldn't be a lot of work, but since this will be our first trip since early June, it's almost like de-winterizing it all over. I have a list to work from, though. Otherwise I would forget something (and likely still will).

Writing has been almost non-existent since school started, so I'm building up my writing muscles slowly. Today's goal is only one page. I should be able to meet that goal. But first, I have to go catch the dog.

Casey got in a fight a couple of weeks ago, and she gets her staples out today. Naturally, when one of the animals has an appointment, they disappear. So I've given myself 45 minutes to go out and find her. Might not be too hard, I just heard her bark in the driveway. Better go catch her while I can.

See you soon!

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