Monday, May 26, 2008


Hope everyone had a great weekend and a wonderful Memorial Day Holiday, for those whom it applies to. Mom has been home for about a week or so now and she is doing fairly well, though she is still weak, as you can imagine after such a long hospital stay. I will admit that she wasn't in the hospital all this time, but spent about 3 weeks in a recovery center where she underwent physical and occupational therapy, but returned to the hospital for another procedure just before she came home. Chemotherapy has not been kind to her body. Unfortunately, she will most likely have to start her chemo treatments over, once she has fully recovered from this illness.

I have continued to try to write through all of this ordeal, but it's been hard. I've slowed my pace considerably. And cooking and cleaning have been done only sporadically. I long to get back to some semblance of a schedule, but probably won't see one until school starts back in August. Yes, the kids got out last week and are officially underfoot 24/7 now. But that's ok. Means I don't have to rush them out the door everyday now.

I'm up too late. I have to work tomorrow and should be sound asleep by now!

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