Saturday, March 15, 2008

topamax adventures

Well, I've been on the topamax for a week now. The doctor warned me that carbonated beverages would lose their taste, they would taste flat while on this medication. When hubby came and sat next to me on Tuesday night with a glass, I grabbed it and took a drink. Flat. Completely flat. But hubby said it came out of the bottle that way. I don't know why he was drinking it.

Thursday night our daughter had a band concert. He wanted to run through Taco Bell before heading to the concert. Again, I grabbed his Coke (I'm in the South, down here they're all Coke). OMG!! I've never tasted anything so foul in my life! You know how the carbonation mixture can get off sometimes and make the cokes taste funny? It was sorta like that, magnified about 100 times. Plus, it burned.

And you know what I was worried most about? What will I drink at conference in the bar? I generally stick with beer, because it's cheaper. But it's also carbonated. Other than that, my drink of choice is Turkey (Wild Turkey) and Coke. Again, carbonated. Looks like I'll have to stick to screwdrivers or something. Got any suggestions?

On the up side, my appetite is fading. Just a few bites at mealtime and I'm full. But if I'm not eating much, I've got to make the little bit I do eat count, nutritionally! I don't need to get run down, on top of these migraines!

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